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Our Mission

When someone receives a cancer diagnosis, the patient and their families get quickly thrown into a world of complicated medical procedures, decisions and treatment options. For some patients, the diagnosis and treatment of cancer is accompanied with devastating financial and emotional effects.

Our programs and resources provide help and hope to adult patients and their families to help them through this difficult time. It's our way of trying to help these families focus less on their financial stress and more on their health and recovery. The New Mexico Cancer Center Foundation (NMCCF) is dedicated to supporting our patients' non-medical needs during their fight against cancer. What does this mean to the patient? That if their co-pays and transportation costs have consumed their monthly budget, that the Foundation will step in and pay their rent, utilities, groceries or gas.

Who We Are

In 2012, we celebrated our Tenth Anniversary of helping cancer patients and their families. The New Mexico Cancer Center Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit org anization, guided by a board of directors and assisted by a large group of volunteers and advisors. Currently, the NMCCF serves patients with cancer or severe hematological disorders who receive care at any of the New Mexico Cancer Centers in Albuquerque, Gallup and Silver City.

New Mexico Cancer Center
4901 Lang Avenue Northeast, Albuquerque, NM, 87109

New Mexico Cancer Center Foundation

The Foundation is situated at the Lang Albuquerque New Mexico Cancer Center and provides a variety of unique support programs to patients, their families and the medical community. The Foundation is focused on helping to reduce the stress of cancer treatment through education, legal and financial counseling and by providing financial help to cancer patients and their families. We are grateful for the exemplary commitment of time and treasure generously given by each member. For more information about board membership, please call Paul Sanchez-Hindi, Executive Director, 505.822.3910.

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